Creative Misinterpretation: Blue Moon City

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Creative Misinterpretation: Blue Moon City

Postby Matt' » Mon Sep 26, 2011 8:01 pm

Half the reason I buy games it figure out the game--and to misinterpret the game. In the case of Blue Moon city, couple of ideas came up:

Starting magi says: 30 cards, 10 moons. Which (instead of saying) you start with cards x,y,z, you get to start with X point value worth of cards.

30 card deck means you have to either reshuffle, or the games ends FAST.

Point of game seems to be to attract the attention of Dragons. Blue Moon City has 3 dragons, so we'll assume Blue Moon plays the same: He who attracts the most dragons wins. Now, assuming the game has some multiplayer capacity, for 3+ players, his clearly cannot hold--their must be some way of exchanging control of the dragons. However, if that is so, then multi-player games must go much longer, as someone would need to control all three dragons, a much less likely outcome if all players are contesting their control. Thus, variable win conditions would be required, such as when a player controls 2/3 of the dragons.

That brings up an interesting point in multi-player games: The games play much better then the win conditions depend on number of players. Dominion only uses 8/12 provinces, TTR only allows use of 1/2 of the tracks, le Citte excludes parts of the board, BANG! changes the ratio of players.

Now, for a 'doom clock' mechanic, the Dominion Countdown is arguably better than the BANG! exclusion mechanism. (Actually one of the reasons I hate BANG!--once you are out, the game can go on for a long while after you've stopped participating).

Also notable: There are some games that can actually be played "Solitaire", such are their dynamics, so you can 'goldfish' various strategies. Arguably, it is NOT a good thing when the number of players significantly changes the dynamic of the game.

Blue Moon City is all about attracting the attention of the various dragons, which then (arguably) do good things for you. Suggests a 'favor' mechanic. Each 'magi'/faction has a 'victory' condition based on the number of points of favor. You accumulate sites (like mtg enchantments), that contribute toward that total. You also have a floating pool of 'favor' you can use as a 'supercharger' for spells. (Echo the spell, or multi-cast?)
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